Christine Campbell

Christine has been acting in and producing theater & film for many years…most recent projects: roles in Kevin Tran’s feature, The Dark End of the Street, and Onur Tukel’s The Misogynists, starring Dylan Baker which debuted at the 2017 HIFF. She also co-produced/acted in the award winning short We Remember which has appeared in over 32 festivals.

Other credits include in recurring episodes in TMC’s Mr. Robot, NBC’s The Blacklist, and Marc Meyer’s How He Fell in Love with TBG’s own Amy Hargreaves and Seth Barrish.

As a member of The Barrow Group community since 1997, she has worked on many new full-length/one-act plays, 48-hour-film festivals, as well her most gratifying project to date: writing/directing/editing her first short film, through Lorrel Manning’s Filmmaking for Actors class. She also frequents master classes with TBG’s Seth Barrish and enjoys collaborations with established filmmakers as well as directing candidates at NYU, Columbia and Brooklyn College MFA programs.

Being offered the opportunity to train and teach with The Barrow Group has informed who she is as an actor/artist in every way and she’s grateful & excited to continue exploring and sharing what she’s learned at TBG with other actors.

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Student Feedback

“I credit so much of my success to Chris’ Film/TV Acting Class I! Prior to taking the class, I was going into TV auditions blind, with no real sense of how to be in front of a camera. After taking the class, I booked 3 co-star roles in a row and one heavy recurring role (which eventually led to a TV-writing job! I can’t make this stuff up). Chris’ class, and the Barrow Group philosophy at large, gave me the tools I needed to book auditions. Chris taught me simple, effective ways to relax into my performance. Most importantly, Chris taught me how to authentically showcase myself as a performer, how to bring the most of myself to my auditions. I would say The Barrow Group transformed me as an actor, and launched me into a successful full-time career.
–Sophie Zucker (Sophie landed a heavy recurring in Apple’s straight to series “Dickinson” about the life of Emily Dickinson and in addition, THIS upcoming season, was recently was hired to write for the show too!)

“OMG, I don’t where to start. I learned tons from you during the last class session at the Barrow Group. Thank you so much for you straight forward approach in pushing me and giving me the honest feedback and tools to take my craft to the next level.”

“I finished the Film/TV Acting Class I with Chris Campbell this afternoon, and it was really terrific. Chris was so clear, encouraging and no-nonsense in her coaching, and I learned so much from her. She instinctively understood how to work with every member of the class, and I learned so much not only acting in scenes but by watching everyone learn and grow. I can’t wait to apply these tools in both my work and my auditions!”

“…Thank you! I love your class… You’re really gifted at what you do. It’s so amazing how the tools work…I’m always so nervous when I get up and then find something authentic. I’m so glad I met you and found my way to your class.”