TBG Staff & Board of Trustees


Portrait of Robert Yu Serrell, Executive Director

Executive Director
Robert Yu Serrell

Portrait of Lee Brock, Co-Artistic Director

Co-Artistic Director
Lee Brock

Portrait of Seth Barrish, Co-Artistic Director

Co-Artistic Director
Seth Barrish

Admin Staff

Portrait of Director of Programming, Farrah Crane

Director of Programming
Farrah Crane

Portrait of Admissions / Development Manager ,Quinn Vogt-Welch

Admissions / Development Manager
Quinn Vogt-Welch

Portrait of Customer Service Manager, Candace Clift

Customer Service Manager
Candace Clift

Portrait of Facilties Manager, Emily Thaler

Facilties Manager
Emily Thaler

Portrait of Finance Manager, Mark Woollett

Finance Manager
Mark Woollett

Portrait of Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Front Desk Staff

Portrait of Front Desk Associate, Emily Thaler

Front Desk Associate
Emily Thaler

Portrait of Front Desk Associate, Kevin Molica

Front Desk Associate
Kevin Molica

Portrait of Front Desk Associate, Hannah Monsour

Front Desk Associate
Hannah Monsour

Portrait of Front Desk Associate, Lauren Lay

Front Desk Associate
Lauren Lay


Board of Trustees

Portrait of Vaughn Buffalo, Chair at TBG

Vaughn Buffalo

Portrait of Amy Lawrence, Vice-Chair at TBG

Amy Lawrence

Portrait of Carly Hugo, Treasurer at TBG

Carly Hugo

Portrait of Kristina Louey, Board of Trustees

Kristina Louey

Portrait of Nan Molofsky, Board of Trustees

Nan Molofsky

Portrait of Matt Parker, Board of Trustees

Matt Parker

Portrait of Shaifali Puri, Board of Trustees

Shaifali Puri

Portrait of Christina Denzinger, Board of Trustees

Christina Denzinger

Portrait of Missy Hargraves, Board of Trustees

Missy Hargraves

Portrait of Poorna Jagannathan, Board of Trustees

Poorna Jagannathan

Portrait of Priscilla Shanks, Board of Trustees

Priscilla Shanks