Going to Film School in New York May Give You an Edge

Directing, acting, and producing films are all different aspects of the same process. They require a group to work together to create a piece that is going to live on beyond the moment. In order to have a top film that people are going to want to pay to see, you need to know your role and know how to do it well. Attending a film school in New York can really help give you an edge as to what is expected of you while you are making that film.

Learning to be Part of the Team

All of the different roles in filmmaking are part of the same team, a team you must learn to be a part of. If you’re going to a film school that offers classes in screenwriting, acting, producing, and directing, it’s often worth the time to take a class in each area. Why should you learn screenwriting when you’re going to be a producer? It gives you a better look at what others on the team do. By taking a glimpse into the role of an actor or director, you gain valuable knowledge into how those professionals operate. This will help you understand their approach to a film and teach you how you can better work with them.

New York Film Schools Allow You to Train with The Best

For you to have an edge over the competition and be picked for the role you want to have, you need to train under the best possible tutors you can. When you go to a New York film school, you get the opportunity to learn from some incredible names in the business. Plus, if you are not sure which role you think you would be best at, you can try each role under the guidance of the teacher and get their professional opinion. Then, take what you succeed at most, and run with it.

Many Opportunities are Found in a Film School in New York City

Attending a professional film school in New York City opens doors for you that wouldn’t necessarily be available in other locations. Movies and some television shows are shot in the City, allowing a professional actor to land a job on-screen. With your training at our film school in New York City, you’ll learn how to audition, read copy, sight read, analyze copy and present yourself in the best possible light possible.

While the Barrow Group can’t guarantee your success, this New York City film school will help you to be the best you can be, whether in acting, writing, producing and directing. We can boost your marketability, creating a desirable commodity out of you. Trust your talent with us and you will be thrilled with the results of the honing of the Barrow Group.

Difference between Stage and Screen Performance

One thing that some performers and directors don’t fully understand is that acting on stage and on screen are two different talent sets. While you have the same set of skills needed for both, they are executed differently. Our film schools in New York City help you to switch from one to the other, seamlessly.


Film School in New York Acting for stage calls for a larger than life performance. Although most actors are mic’ed in professional theatre, they still project their dialogue. Screen acting is done just as in life, a little less colorful. However, the intimacy of a film performance makes it just as exciting. Movements may not be as broad, but screen is such that you can open your mouth slightly and convey as plethora of emotions.

Directing for the stage is confined to the director’s vision and set(s), creating reality out of imagination, lights, music, etc.. Screen directors have the reality they envision, and must see the movie not only from the simpler perspective of the stage director (proscenium, thrust or in-the-round stages), but from the world’s wide view.

Screenwriting is Different from Playwriting

There is a strict format for screenplays, more so than what is expected in a play. In a play, it can be indicated that it is sunset with lights. In a screenplay, it has to be expressed in this format:

[EXTERIOR] The sun is a burning red ball as it sinks into the steamy horizon, as sentimental music plays.

Then, instead of using lights as in a play, that exact description must be filmed.

Learning the Ropes

The Barrow Group’s New York City film school can offer you the skillset needed to be a director, producer, screenwriter and actor of the screen. If it is film with which you wish to be involved, this is the place to come.

Being Prepared for the World of Film and Television

The Barrow Group offers classes in many different venues dealing with a career in film. From directing to screenwriting to producing to acting, our New York City film school prepares you for a successful career in the role of your choice. We challenge you to be the best you can be no matter which path you decide you want to choose in your life.


Our New York City film class in directing will prepare you for the pivotal job of a film. The guiding force behind the creation, you’ll learn to shape your vision into reality. Learning to craft, storyboard and taking charge of those hired to bring your dream into fruition are some of the things in which you’ll be educated. You will need to approve costumes, sets, and casting decisions. It’s not just the art of directing; it’s the art of being a true director in every aspect of the film process.


Screenwriting in our New York City film class is an intensive study as you learn to follow the rules of screenwriting, how to format a script, and how to come up with a unique idea to sell to producers and studios. The Barrow Group will even teach you the art of the sale, to help you shop your work.


Learning to produce is a delicate process. Our film school will teach you to approve scripts, find directors, and deal with the personalities associated with the development of a project. Producing is a meticulous process, since you’re monetarily investing in the success of the film.

A Job in Film

All in all, The Barrow Group’s film school in New York City will prepare you for a career in the genre, no matter which role you wish to play.

If you want to find out more about what going to a film school in New York could offer you, then contact The Barrow Group!