K – 12 Education Program

If you're a parent interested in learning about our training program youth classes (online and in-person), go ahead and check the page. This page is for school administrators. Thanks!

At The Barrow Group, our core philosophy revolves around the power of storytelling. We firmly believe that stories can enlighten, inspire, build communities, and empower people to achieve great things. Through our education outreach program, we aim to create a positive ensemble in each classroom, equipping students with valuable tools for effective storytelling that highlight their unique voices and talents. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every child experiences the magic of theatrical storytelling, strengthening their connection to their community and empowering them to become effective communicators and agents of positive change in the future.

We offer in-school residencies and after-school classes to students in grades K-12 across NYC. Our program provides each student with the following:

  1. Introduction to theatre-making and practical tools to nurture their artistic growth.
  2. Deeper understanding of their curriculum by fostering personal connections to their academic work.
  3. Opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas, engaging more actively with their community.

Each residency is a collaborative effort with our partner schools. We work closely with school administrators and teachers to tailor the program to the specific needs of each school. We ensure that our curriculum aligns with state and national standards, including The New York City Blueprint for the Arts. During the planning stage, our assigned teaching artist, assistant, and TBG education coordinator meet with school staff to discuss class content, schedule, and budget.

All our programs culminate in a performance, ranging from simple sharing sessions among peers to fully produced shows for the larger community.  Click here to view examples of classes we can provide.

For more details, please contact us at info@barrowgroup.org.

Throughout our history, we have collaborated closely with The Bailey House, St. Mary's, The Harlem United Community Aids Center, and The Children's Hope Foundation, providing workshops in theatre, improvisation, and filmmaking.