Studio Rental

Student rehearsal bookings

Barrow Group students can rent our studio spaces for class rehearsals.
The rate is $20 per hour.

Bookings can be made via:
1 – Phone – By calling us at 212.760.2615
2 – In Person – At the front desk

Student Booking notes:

  • A TBG account is required to book studio time.
  • Bookings must be paid in advance with a credit card.
  • Bookings are for acting class rehearsal only. Studio space cannot be booked to teach. Studio rentals for other outside projects are on a per-project basis and may not qualify for the student rate.
  • Bookings are pending studio availability.
  • Time is limited to 1-3 hours, booked no longer than 2 weeks in advance.
  • Cancellations more than 24 hours in advance will receive credit. Cancellations after 24 hours will not be credited.
  • Fees should be paid for by the person on whose account the space is booked.
  • We do not accept cash at the box office.
  • You are welcome to use props and furniture that is provided in the studios. Please note, all props and furniture must be returned and the room left in neutral by the end of your booking time.
  • Although we rarely have to do so, we reserve the right to move a booking to another room, adjust the time slightly or cancel it if necessary to accommodate TBG programming changes. In these unusual cases, we will contact you directly, so you can make other arrangements.