You Can Get a Lot Out of an Acting Studio

Learn From Experienced, Professional Actors

Our teachers are experienced, professional actors who have completed an intensive teacher training program with TBG co-Artistic Directors Seth Barrish and Lee Brock.

What To Expect In An Acting Studio in NYC

Acting Studio

Our approach is designed to encourage spontaneity; foster entertaining, human, and compelling behavior; help actors become more sensitive, imaginative, and responsive; relax the actor; change the work effortlessly and invisibly; bring freedom to the work.

We strive to create a warm, positive, inclusive environment in which to play, explore, and gain knowledge. Attending an acting studio in NYC not only helps to further develop your craft, but is also a fun way to meet new people, play, bump up your professional resume, and get out of your comfort zone.

The biggest names in film and TV have started their careers with training, many in the NYC area. 

A New York City Background

As a New York City acting studio, The Barrow Group offers a myriad of diversified training to help you become the best artist you can be.

The city provides a plethora of city life experiences and opportunities to prepare you for a career in acting in NYC. The Barrow Group is in the heart of Manhattan, providing students with close-by access to see stars in plays and musicals on Broadway and off.


If you want to get started with an acting studio in NYC,  please contact  The Barrow Group.