Education Outreach / In-School Programs

At The Barrow Group, storytelling lies at the heart of our approach.  We believe stories have the capability to enlighten, inspire, foster community, and energize people to do great things. We foster creating a positive ensemble in each classroom, and offer up tangible tools for storytelling, serving to highlight the unique voice and skillset of each individual. Our belief is that every child should have the experience of theatrical storytelling, as it not only strengthens their ties to their surrounding community, but will also give them the skills to effectively communicate and positively enact change in the future.

Offering in-school residencies and after school classes to NYC students, K-12, we provide each student with:

  • An introduction to theatre-making and practical tools to grow as artists
  • A deepened understanding of curriculum, drawing personal connections to their work
  • An opportunity to give voice to those connections and engage more fully with their community

Each residency, be it an elective or integrated into the classroom, is a close collaboration with the partner school. We work closely with each school to design a program specific to the schools needs, incorporating state and national standards for the corresponding grade’s curriculum such as The New York City Blueprint for the Arts. In the planning stages of a residency, the assigned teaching artist, assistant, and TBG education coordinator will meet in-person with a school administrator and partner classroom teacher to discuss class content, schedule, and budget.

All programs culminate in a performance, ranging from a simple sharing for their peers to a fully produced show for their larger community.

For additional information, please email [email protected].

Historically, TBG has worked closely with The Bailey House, St. Mary’s, The Harlem United Community Aids Center, and The Children’s Hope Foundation to provide workshops in theatre, improvisation and filmmaking.