First Fridays

First Fridays is a monthly, free, curated event that offers artists the opportunity to share their work, practice their craft, and connect with fellow artists. We focus on developing Works in Progress: writers share selections from their work and cast actors on the spot to participate in readings.

Each month a guest host from TBG's artistic community will work with us to select a theme, solicit submissions, curate the material, and host the event. If you're a writer interested in submitting your work for this program, please submit your work here.

Online 2021/2022 Season:

Guest hosts and themes included: 
September 2021- Sylia Francis, theme Clear
October 2021- Samantha Evans, theme LGBTQIA+ Writers
November 2021 - Varina Sammurtok, theme "Stories Of"
December 2021 - Lunie Jules, theme of Caribbean Diaspora
January 2022 - Kristen Howard, theme of Healing
February 2022 - Xander Jackson, theme How To Be Single
March 2022 - Bilgin Turker, theme Before/After
April 2022 - Emily Thaler, theme of Rebirth
May 2022 - Mother McKenzie, theme of Chosen Family

Online 2020/2021 Season:
Guest hosts and themes included: 
October 2020-Kristi Ng, theme Asian Writers
November 2020-Charlotte Sandford, theme Youth Writers
December 2020-Brian Rojas, theme  Latinx Writers
January 2021-Michael Stahl David, theme Wishful Thinking
February 2021-Jeanine T. Abraham, theme Black Joy
March 2021-Arielle Beth Klein, Women and Femme Writers
April 2021-Colin Hinckley, theme Deception
May 2021-Jason Yi, theme Alternate Realities
First Fridays Festival recipients included works by Maisa Chiang, Sylia Francis, Diego Lanao, and Samantha Fairfield Walsh.

This programming made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.