Why Give to The Barrow Group?

Devoted to the craft of storytelling since 1986, The Barrow Group has touched the lives of thousands of artists and audience members. As a nonprofit, we rely on the generous support of individuals, foundations, government, and corporations to keep our operations and programming going. Below are a few words from members of our community about why TBG matters to them. Please join TBG in creating great theatre, film, and artists by making a donation. Thank you!

"The Barrow Group was really the institution that taught me how to act."

Anne Hathaway Academy Award Winner

"Ensemble acting as good as you are going to see anywhere."

Lanford Wilson Playwright

"TBG was the first place where I could believe I was enough, exactly as I was.”

Alison Wright The Americans

“TBG offers the smartest, least pretentious, simplest and most effective techniques I’ve ever come across.”

Allen Coulter Director, 7 Primetime Emmy Award nominations

“One of the things I learned here…is to really be as honest as possible. And that honesty, when it comes to art, came from here, and has spread to all of the other things that I do and has really stuck with me."

Chloe Levine  The Transfiguration

"So many times, we as actors forget the play of acting. You go into class and everything's like, "Great work": like everything's work. At The Barrow Group, it really came from this other perspective: "This is play." That was a really great time. I would say that was my most significant training."

Tony Hale Emmy Award Winner

“Prior to my experience at The Barrow Group, I spent years forcing tears, laughs, and understanding. After attending The Barrow Group, my experience changed drastically. I attribute my entire career to what I learned there, which is essentially: how to be more myself.”

Lola Kirke Mozart in the Jungle

"At the the Barrow Group I re-discovered the pure joy and adrenaline of acting. The freedom of being spontaneous. And even better, these weren't one-off experiences, but new habits supported by simple techniques that I use to this day. The Barrow Group is more than a great acting school, it's a community with a culture of thoughtfulness and fun, coming together to do what we love."

Michael Stahl-David Cloverfield

"I walked through the doors of The Barrow Group and rediscovered not only joy in Acting, but an essential belief in myself."

Martin Moran  OBIE Award Winner

“TBG is where I unlearned how to act and learned how to be me to be more comfortable in my own skin...more able to transition seamlessly between life and the demands of film. That’s why I call The Barrow Group home.”

Poorna Jagannathan  The Night Of...

“The Barrow Group taught me that the more I relaxed and let go of all the acting “ideas” and “work,” the more the story came to life... at TBG, the acting is so real, so very much like real life. It’s the acting I burned to do –it’s alive.”

Larry Mitchell Actor/Writer

"...an exceptional group of actors with clear aesthetic and skill to execute their vision. I eagerly await their future projects."

Craig Lucas Playwright

"TBG does the best theater I've ever seen. I've never seen a show at TBG that I wasn't moved by."

Mike Birbiglia Comedian, Sundance Award Winner

“If you are like me, and you like to get the feeling, when watching a play or film or whatever, not that the actor is performing for you, but that you are being let in on a secret viewing of someone’s most private life…if you want to know what it feels like to do that in your work…then Seth Barrish is your guy.  And moreover, what he teaches is simple, without ego.”

Jennifer Landon  Three-time Emmy Award winner

“As a film/tv casting director, what I find great about TBG is their ability to teach people how to act naturally and just be.”

Marcia DeBonis   Casting Director/Actress

“When our son Julian shot his first commercial last year, I was surprised and excited by the honesty and thoughtfulness of his work, and I knew he needed training that would encourage those qualities. The Barrow Group School is the ONLY program I felt would enhance his instincts towards naturalism. It is, hands down, the best training in NYC.”

Alice Jankell Parent