Teacher Spotlight: Eric Paeper

Doug GoldringCommunity, Training

We’d love to introduce you to one of our incredible TBG teaching artists, Eric Paeper! Read our interview with him below…

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

EP: Watching students come to the realization that good acting is easy! We are all hardwired to believe that extreme effort brings great reward. And while that may be true for a powerlifter, nothing could be farther from the truth for actors. For us, ease equals reward! Lucky us!

What is a TBG tool you love to use in your own acting journey?

EP: Script analysis. Without it, I am LOST! Having a clear understanding of story structure, context, and character provides the foundation to build a performance on. I think of it as the metal, nuts, and bolts of a jungle gym. Build it well and you can play, play, play to your heart’s content!

What is a project that you’ve been a part of that you are proud of?

EP: I am very proud of the dozens of productions I’ve acted in, directed, and produced over the last 20-plus years at TBG including The Timekeepers with Seth Barrish directed by Lee Brock, The Fear Project (director), Off the Map (director). Recently I have been honored to direct several inspiring 1-Year Program scene sharing events. Also an interior designer, I am proud of the part I played in designing the new wing of the TBG arts center. It brings me such joy to see the space humming with artistry and supporting the community’s quest for excellence in their craft. I’m also excited to be directing TBG’s upcoming production of Triptych by John Yearley starring Tricia Alexandro and Mike Giese.

Eric teaches many classes at The Barrow Group, including the 1-Year Intermediate Acting Program.

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