Acting Courses Can Help Build Comradery in New York City

Having a strong team at the center of your business is imperative to its corporate training success. You need to know that you can count on each member of your team just as much as each member of your team needs to know they can rely on each other. Building up a strong team can involve a lot of different activities. If you are trying to find new team building activities in New York City to try, you may want to consider acting classes.

What Traits Acting Can Bring to Your Corporate Training Exercises

Acting may seem like an odd exercise to bring to your corporate training, but it can actually give your entire team a lot of benefits. Confidence is built up when you learn how to interact with each other. Picking the right words to communicate a message effectively is also worked on during acting classes. This can help with employee interactions as well as how your team interacts with potential and current clients. Knowing how to present yourself is important in many aspects of life, from personal situations to corporate events in NYC.

Becoming Better Public Speakers

corporate trainingIn addition to learning how to work together and communicate effectively, acting also teaches your employees to learn how to speak in front of an audience. This is especially important if your team often gives presentations to clients or to your company as a whole. Learning how to stand in front of a group, no matter how large it is, and speak with confidence is a vital skill in the business world. There aren’t many ways to gain this skill besides doing a lot of public speaking. Acting courses are a great alternative since they will place your team members in front of others on a regular basis.

Corporate Training for the Professional

An Excellent School in New York City

The Barrow Group is known for its actors, directors, screenwriters, etc. One of the premier acting schools in New York City, it offers much more than just to actors. It produces confidence in public speaking, suitable for the corporate professional or anyone who must give a lecture or seminar, or lead a meeting. We are prepared to address these duties though our core classes and corporate training.

An Acting Class is Not Just for Actors

Acting classes aren’t just for actors. They can benefit anyone who must speak in public, have self-esteem and poise, and feel comfortable in their own body. The Barrow Group’s acting clasess in New York City prepares actors for a career in the industry. However, the lessons it teaches are also applicable to today’s workplace. These classes give confidence, teach you how to think on your feet, and be ready for anything that may arise during a speech or presentation. By taking these classes, you open yourself up to a whole new level of professionalism that’s bound to impress.

The information you learn will help you in every aspect of daily life, including your work responsibilities. Having the ability to talk confidently, giving a presentation and be relaxed, and being poised and self-confident in a meeting will open doors on your life.

The Corporate World and the Theater – Not So Different

Acting may seem like a foreign language, taking other’s words and bringing them to life. The only difference between that and giving a presentation, is oftimes you’re speaking your own words. The Barrow Group’s Acting School is for you if you need to give speeches, offer constructive input at meetings, and furnish presentations. By learning how to speak in public through a variety of acting exercises and classes, you will be more accomplished in your doings. Acting schools, especially one as prestigious as The Barrow Group’s, conveniently located in the heart of New York City, are the key to the door of success.

Fear of Public Speaking

Glenn Croston, Ph.D, in his The Thing We Fear More than Death, lists public speaking as the number one fear Americans have, with death coming in fifth. For the corporate employee forced to make a speech, the prospect may be daunting and terrifying. The adage of “picture your audience in their underwear” may be useful, but how much better would it be to be so comfortable on stage as to allow you to meet the eyes of your listeners and interact with them, directing certain phrases and sentences towards them unswervingly? The Barrow Group’s Acting School in New York City can help you attain that goal. Actors present themselves professionally and with confidence, and this comes through in their lives, not just onstage. Imagine you having the same demeanor of an actor, not nervous before an important presentation, but excited to impart your knowledge to others. In the corporate training you’ll receive, you will be that person and be a success in the professional world.

Acting and its Everyday Applications

While some may see acting as merely performance, useful only for stage and screen, it offers a wealth of uses for the business world and modern-day life. One thing is does not is make you a good liar. It’s a common misconception; in fact, acting is all about truth to the script, emotion and utterance.

Public Speaking

One way in which acting may be applied to real life is in public speaking. If you have to present a meeting, or take part in a town hall, acting gives you the confidence to do so without being overly nervous. Ahead of death, public speaking is the number one fear in America according to numerous surveys. Your acting training will allow you to feel comfortable speaking in front of others. You don’t even have to use the “imagine-everyone-in-their-underwear” scenario. You will be cool, collected, and if you have taken classes in improv, ready for anything that comes your way. You learn that everyone makes mistakes; the trick is not allowing your audience to know that such occurred. Or, if it is obvious, rising above the mistake and continuing on nonplussed is an outcome that is positive for the speaker.

Ultimately, you’ll find your training with The Barrow Group’s New York acting school prepares you for much of what life can dish out. You will learn confidence, how to feel comfortable in your body, and how to have a dialogue if such is needed. Whether introvert or extrovert, your training with us will have great rewards.

Having a team that is a unified group helps your business get, and remain, successful. To find out more about corporate training exercises available to you and your team, contact The Barrow Group today!