How to Write a Ted Talk

If you were recently told you were going to have to write up a ted talk, but don’t know what that means, you may be a bit concerned. Are you going to have enough time to learn how to write a ted talk, and get it written, before the deadline? To put your mind at ease, there are numerous acting studios that offer you advice on making sure that you not only learn how to write a ted talk, but also how to perform it in a way that will keep your audience’s attention.

What is a Ted Talk?

A ted talk is an inspirational or informative lecture, usually fifteen minutes to half an hour long, and often visually recorded for future viewing. According to, they are “ideas worth spreading.” They cover subjects from “Why You Should Make Useless Things” to “Glorious Visions in Animation and Performance” to “What It’s Like to be a Transgender Dad”.

How Do You Write a Ted Talk?

How to Write a Ted TalkMost importantly, find a subject about which you’re passionate, one that has interest for a wide group of people or a focused audience. Begin writing in bullet points and consider the usefulness of a PowerPoint document to go with your talk. Visuals will stimulate the listeners, which is important as we are a visual society. Hearing something for twenty minutes is not the same as hearing and seeing a presentation for twenty minutes. Do some research on the subject, even if you are an expert. The more correct information the better; however, you don’t want to overwhelm your listeners with dry information. Throw in some anecdotes, fun facts, and little-known material that will keep them engaged and focused on you. While it can be very helpful to write out word-for-word what you will say and memorize that, familiarity with the material and the PowerPoint presentation will keep you on track, so you may be more organic in your ted talk.

How to Write a Ted Talk?

The best speakers are dynamic, fluid and charismatic. You want your audience to be engaged after all, so dryly reciting information that they can read on your PowerPoint presentation will neither catch nor keep their interest. How to write a ted talk? The Barrow Group’s New York acting classes will help you to develop this comfortable banter. We will take your ted talk sentence by sentence and lead you to the best manner in which to present each one, both verbally and in gestures. Our classes build confidence, and that confidence will project to your audience. Come study with us and become a masterful presenter.

Writing A Ted Talk is Only Part of The Equation

You need to make sure that you take care when you write a ted talk. You need to use words, nuances, and images that are going to keep your audience’s attention. Writing down the words is one part, but executing the point through your performance is equally, if not more important. You are going to need the advice of those who have written and performed ted talks in the past.

Your Performance Can Make or Break Your Ted Talk

Even the most well-written ted talk isn’t going to keep the audience’s attention if you don’t present it well. You’ve probably had a teacher or college profession who spoke in a monotone from one spot behind a podium. You don’t want to be that type of speaker. Taking an acting course is a great way of learning how to emote and project, two very important parts of giving an entertaining speech that keeps your audience engaged. One of these classes can also help you learn how to deal with anxiety or fear of public speaking.

If you want to learn all of the nuances that come with a ted talk, give the experienced professionals at The Barrow Group a call today.