Business Outcomes & Storytelling Corporate Workshops

Learn how to craft and tell a story that is clear and compelling, engaging and loose.

  • The great value in storytelling is how to translate business outcomes into a story
  • We believe that a “specific stimulus produces a specific response, and a general stimulus produces a general response”
  • This workshop focuses on “What” rather than “How”

In this corporate workshop, you will:

  • Take something that you’ve  done or accomplished or some vision of the future
  • Explore questions such as
    • “What were the contributions of individual people and how did their effort contribute to the _____.”
    • ” What was the impact of their work on people?”
  • The goal is to discuss specifics and develop the story into a simple beginning / middle / end format, including the five W’s (who, what, where, when, and why)

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