The Benefits of Attending Acting Classes in NYC

Acting classes in NYC can give you a lot of benefits, outside of teaching you how to perform on a stage or in front of a camera. They can also help you feel more confident when you are out in social situations. Attending an acting class in NYC allows you to train with some of the most experienced and supportive people in the business. When you learn from the best, you get the best out of the entire experience.

Enjoying the Benefits of An Acting Class in NYC

Acting Classes in NYCBeing confident is more than simply knowing how to convey your message. Confidence comes with the words you choose to use, the way you hold yourself, and the mannerisms displayed by your body when you speak. Acting classes teach you how to stop fidgeting or being nervous. You will learn things like what to do with your hands when you must speak with others or feel as though you were put on the spot, how to relax so your words flow naturally, and how to pick the words that are going to have the most impact.

Confidence is a welcome side-effect of taking an acting class. When you learn how to hold yourself, speak clearly, and relate to your audience, you begin to shine. You stand more convincingly, and portray a person that others can relate to and believe. These skills need to be worked on and practiced, which is the point of taking classes. Your gift will be nurtured during these courses, and you will begin to see a new side to yourself you may not have even noticed before. You will get constructive tips to help you improve your abilities, and be given the opportunity to work with different people so that your skills develop with a larger audience.

Acting Classes in NYC

The Barrow Group’s school of acting can give your more than confidence. While that is a wonderful result from studying in these acting classes in NYC, there are many other benefits as well.


You will learn to memorize lines and songs, something that keeps your mind nimble and ready for meetings and particular terms. The skills in memorization taught here have applications throughout the day and evening besides just being able to recite script by rote. The “tricks of the trade” can be used to memorize names, remember what work your boss assigned you, and help you recall the anecdotes which go along with your bullet point presentation.


A great deal of acting is done on your feet, and you are expected to have appropriate posture for the character, which is usually correct posture (taught under the Alexander Technique). You will be accustomed to moving your body through space, rather than being sedentary at a desk. You’ll find that these requirements build physical stamina, to take with you into the real world and all its applications there.

Mental stamina is also important. When you’re doing a two-hour play, your focus must be on what you’re doing, not wandering. With our world reduced to soundbytes, it’s easy to become distracted without even noticing that you are. In these acting classes, you will be challenged to direct your attention to the moment which you are experiencing, and never lose sight of that focus. It’s a lesson in mental stamina and will assist you in numerous ways throughout your work day and in conversations.

Pronunciation and Projection

One thing taught at The Barrow Group is how to properly enunciate, loudly enough to be heard by an audience. This utilizes both breathing and speaking techniques, which are taught to you in your appropriate acting class. Not only will you be heard and understood by the audience, your new-found skill can assist you in maintaining control of a room during a presentation. A loud, clear voice, with words articulated properly, will catch your listener’s attention and hold it. Soft voices or mumbled words will lose that focus and leave you fighting to regain control of the room.

And Much More

You’ll find as you study at this acting school and take our specific acting classes in NYC that you’ll learn something in each one which can apply to your day-to-day life. Not only will you be learning life-skills, but you’ll be having fun doing it!

If confidence is your goal, then you should seek out the assistance of The Barrow Group. You will find everything you seek, and more!

Developing a Nimble Mind in Acting Classes in NYC

Another benefit of acting classes in NYC has to do with the rigorous training your brain will receive. From the challenges of memorization of lines, blocking and sometimes choreography and songs, to the hard work that goes into developing your own acting method or style, your brain will get a work-out. A lot of effort goes into being an actor, including using the body to express emotion and the mind to summon that emotion. Our team of professional instructors will work with you to advance all of these skills, enabling you to create the best actor you can become. You will be challenged, but the challenges always come with support from our staff and your fellow classmates.

You’ll find yourself quicker in conversation, able to come back with a witty retort, after taking our acting classes in NYC. Thinking on your feet is one of the goals that an actor must achieve, since in live theater anything can happen. One theater was doing Superman – The Musical and the person who was supposed to hook the wire onto Superman failed to do so. The actor playing the superhero delivered his “Up, up and away!” line, and he watched the wire rise … but without him. Without missing a beat, Superman turned and said, “I’ll follow you!” and moved offstage. It was a brilliant cover, and the audience loved it. That’s thinking on your feet.

Another important item is to memorize not just your lines, but the lines of the people in the scene with you, especially if they are notorious for forgetting a certain sentence or phrase. One actress in You Can’t Take It With You was leading a game where she called out certain items and the other actors wrote down how the words made them feel. For some reason, she had trouble with recalling the word “bathroom.” After allowing her to hem and haw for a bit, one of her fellow performers called out, “How about bathroom?” This saved the day, and whenever she appeared to be searching for the right word in the game list – it was very important that she say the exact word in the right order for continuity’s sake and her following lines – it would be suggested by a fellow thespian.

You will learn how to easily cover for others and for mistakes with the nimbleness of a mind trained at The Barrow Group.