Performing Arts Training Scholarships

2021-2022 Scholarships

The Barrow Group will give more than 50 scholarships this year - summer 2021 - spring 2022!

The scholarship application is now open for the winter 2022 session (individual classes starting between January-March).

Deadline to apply is 5pm ET on December 17th.

YOUTH - Ages 6-18
  • YOUTH  Financial Need Scholarships – for ages 6-18. Please click here to learn more and apply.
  • YOUTH  Inclusion Scholarships– for teens ages 14-18. Please click here to learn more and apply.
ADULTS - Ages 18 and up
  • ADULT Scholarships – applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please click here to learn more and apply.
  • Teacher Training Scholarships – this particular scholarship has pre-requisites. Please click here click here for more information.

Questions? Email [email protected]

TBG's Commitment to Inclusion

The Barrow Group provides scholarships each year to BIPOC and students demonstrating financial need. These scholarships give access to TBG's acclaimed professional acting, writing, directing, and teacher training and are funded by HBO, the Citrin Foundation, and the GJS Family Fund.

The Barrow Group strives to advance diverse voices in American theatre, television, and film.  We aim to create a pipeline of talent that better reflects the eclectic tapestry of our culture and empowers talent that has historically been marginalized.