Beginner Acting Classes in NYC

Beginner Acting Classes in NYC

Our beginner acting classes in NYC are for adults ages 18 and up. These classes provide a great foundation for the craft and introduction to the Barrow Group approach. The class highlights quick and powerful ways to make your performance more natural and spontaneous.

Students will work on ensemble building exercises, script analysis, scene study, and monologue work.

Our beginner acting classes in NYC are structured as follows:
Beginner Acting Class I: The Basics
Beginner Acting Class II: Getting Specific
Beginner Acting Class III: On-Going Scene StudyBeginner Acting Classes in NYC
Beginner Acting Class III: Introduction to Film/TV On Camera
Beginner Acting Class IV: Theatre Performance


Frequently Asked Questions:
Is it too late to start?
It is never too late to start!

I have no acting experience, is this right for me?
Yes! This class provides a great foundation for the craft. No previous training or experience is required.

What approach do you teach?
We teach a specific set of tools that are specific to The Barrow Group. Our approach offers techniques designed to:
– encourage spontaneity
– foster entertaining, human, and compelling behavior
– help you become more sensitive, imaginative, and responsive
– relaxes the actor
– change your work effortlessly and invisibly (so that the audience doesn’t detect effort from the actor, therefore will feel like they are watching a real person rather than an actor “working”)
– more freedom as an actor

Is this class focused on stage or film acting?
The Barrow Group’s acting classes for adult beginners introduce tools that are used for both stage and on camera work. In class, you’ll work on contemporary scenes and monologues from plays. Beginner students have the opportunity to work on camera in our Beginner Acting Class III: Introduction to Film/TV.

Will this class help me be a better public speaker?
Yes! Many find that the ensemble exercises and tools introduced in our beginner acting classes improve public speaking skills, confidence, and creating compelling narratives

Does this class help me get acting work or talent management?
Our beginner classes focus on the craft of acting. Teachers welcome business of acting questions (finding your marketability, learning the ropes of the business, how to get an agent/manager, etc) but it is not a focus of the class.

Do I need to audition?
No, our adult beginner acting classes do not require an audition.

I have some experience, can I skip Beginner I?
No, students are not allowed to skip classes. Each class is designed to best introduce the approach, tools, and vocabulary used and is built upon in subsequent classes.

Can I check out a class before registering?
Yes! If you’d like to study in New York City, you can audit one class at no charge. To schedule your audit, email

How do I register?
You can register online, by calling us at 212.760.2615, or in person at our reception desk.

Join us for our beginner acting classes in NYC!