Script Analysis Class

“I cannot thank The Barrow Group enough for what it has taught me… What I took into that audition was a direct result of what I’ve learned at The Barrow Group. Everything I needed to know was right there in the text. I chose a simple actionable intention that was written into the script. I didn’t invent anything unnecessary. And I “dared to be as boring as I could possibly be”… and I nailed it.” –Cayleb Long

TBG Reading Series

This is a 6-week course taught by Seth Barrish.  Here you will learn how to get more from reading a script, so that you can tell the story better.  Your enhanced understanding of the script will improve your performance.  It is a great course for directors and designers too.  You will explore specific techniques that allow you to decipher inciting events, main events, hot circumstances, calls to action and all the particulars that make storytelling powerful and clear.  The course begins with an introduction to the approach, followed by in-depth analysis of several scenes each week.  Each week, participants will bring in scenes, read them and then engage in facilitated group discussions.

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