Career Coaching for Success in the Arts

“What I like most about working with David Diamond is that he has an organized process for first helping me to know my own mind and heart, and then partnering with me in formulating strategies for my career advancement. David is seasoned, mature and quite knowledgeable. His insights, guidance and suggestions were competent, welcomed and quite useful. Pursuing dreams can be a lonely road. Working with David Diamond, I had excellent company.”
–Benny Sato Ambush, director

During these ten sessions you will explore how to develop the kind of career you want, look at what might be blocking you from achieving your biggest dreams and hone your understanding of how the business works. Gain support from your fellow artists, share resources and break through to a new idea of success. Only professionally-minded, open, collaborative artists should take this class. To learn more about David Diamond and/or to listen to his radio program, please visit

Why A Group?
Coaching in groups affords several benefits: exposure to the experiences of others, recognition of similar challenges, other perspectives on common concerns, etc. Groups are limited to ten people maximum. Each group meeting lasts for 90 minutes.