Professional and Beginner Weekend Acting Workshops

“If you are like me, and you like to get the feeling, when watching a play or film or whatever, not that the actor is performing for you, but that you are being let in on a secret viewing of someone’s most private life…if you want to know what it feels like to do that in your work…then Seth Barrish is your guy.  And moreover, what he teaches is simple, without ego.”
Jennifer Landon, Three-time Emmy winner

The Barrow Group offer Weekend Acting Workshops in NYC and around the U.S.  Please email if you’d like to book a workshop or for more information.  View info on our Los Angeles weekend acting workshops here.

Professional Weekend Acting Workshop

Prerequisite: This weekend workshop is designed for actors with previous training and experience. An audition is required. 

How the Workshops are Structured:

  • Saturday 10-1 pm: Introduction to The Barrow Group acting technique, exercises to change the paradigm, clarifying what is our job as actors, silent improvisation.
  • Saturday 2-5pm:  Script Analysis —techniques for picking out the fundamental story structure and contextual elements to arrive at simple, actionable things to do that tell the story and free the actor.
  • Sunday 10-1 pm: Students work on scenes and monologues and are introduced to Barrow Group acting tools, which are designed to encourage spontaneity, improve storytelling, relax the actor, bring more freedom to the work, and foster entertaining, human, and compelling behavior.
  • Sunday 2-5 pm:  Continuation of scenes and monologues, as well as the application of on-the-job tools and a wrap up session.

What to Prepare:

Students will work on at least one of the following in the workshop. Please prepare:

1) a memorized 1-2 minute contemporary monologue from a published play.

2) select and bring two copies (for you and a possible scene partner) of a 4-6 minute scene (from a published play). During the first class on Saturday, students can pair up and begin working on the scene.

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