Los Angeles Acting Workshops

“As a Film and TV casting director, what I find particularly great about The Barrow Group School is their ability to teach people how to act naturally and just be. I highly recommend them.” — Marcia DeBonis, Casting Director, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

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Location: 5508 Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 91601

If you are interested in studying with The Barrow Group in Los Angeles, please join our Barrow Group Los Angeles Facebook Group here: www.facebook.com/groups/675477275828380/.

How the Workshops are Structured

  • Saturday 10-1 pm: intro to barrow group acting technique, including changing the paradigm, clarifying an approach to our job as actors, silent improv
  • Saturday 2-5pm:  a particular approach to script analysis—techniques for picking out the fundamental story structure and arriving at simple actionable things to do that tell the story and free the actor.
  • Sunday 10-1 pm:  the barrow group tools (part 1)– detailed description of on-the-job tools designed to maximize spontaneity and improve your storytelling – working with monologues and implementing tools
  • Sunday 2-5 pm:  Scene Study (part 2)—application of on-the-job tools designed to scenes and wrap-up

*if you could come in with a monologue learned by heart, this would help facilitate the process– American contemporary realism (no more than 3 minutes in length)– if you like, you could also bring in a scene–contact us ahead of time we’ll hook you up with a scene partner

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