Self-Communication for the Actor

“As actors we ‘talk to ourselves a lot’. Learning how to speak with ourselves productively can lead to great freedom and joy in performance. Doug O’Brien is a master Ericsonian Hypnotherapist who teaches some of the finer points of self-communication.”
Seth Barrish, co-Artistic Director of The Barrow Group

In this class, students will discover how techniques of Ericksonian Hypnosis can both deepen and broaden their experience as an actor. Students will not only learn concepts such as “Both-And”, maintaining a “Process Mind” for auditions and “the Director Protector,” but will also put them into practice. Actors who have used Hypnosis report that Hypnosis helps the actor relax, focus, and inhibit old habit patterns that used to get in the way.

Each class will include a group Hypnotic induction that will be recorded and made available to class members for repeated listening and deeper integration.

The instructor, Doug O’Brien, has long been a guest instructor in the Barrow Group’s Teacher Training taught by co-Artistic Director Seth Barrish.