Theatrical Clown Class

“I have never had so much fun in a performance class, ever! I have never laughed so hard or as much, ever! I thought they were going to ask me to leave, I was laughing so much. Jean’s class also challenged me to be vulnerable and honest in ways I never expected; it was immensely helpful to me as an actor, and I would take her class again in a New York minute!”

Theatrical clown teaches us many things about ourselves as performers: how to begin from a place of simple yet energized presence, how to sustain the pleasure of playing in the moment, how to mine the power of doing one thing at a time, and above all, clown helps us accept our own unique ridiculousness, which in turn may transform our habits of restriction into skills of open expression.

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**In addition to clown, the class includes a warm-up based in the Alexander Technique. The Alexander Technique  concepts of: recognition of habit, positive inhibition, and means whereby (in contrast to end-gaining) will support the exploration of the theatrical clown.

Theatrical Clowning ClassDates TBA
ONE WEEK Theatrical Clown IntensiveDates TBA