Monologue Class

Prerequisite: This is a professional class and an audition is required. Schedule an audition!

Our Professional Monologue Workshop offers practical tools for preparing both contemporary and classical audition monologues. Class work concentrates on tools to relax you, helping you focus more on storytelling. The goal is for actors finish the workshop  a repertoire of monologues for any audition.

The goal of this course is for each actor to leave with five audition ready monologues: contemporary comedic and dramatic, classical comedic and dramatic, one “out of the box.” Students will select and bring in their own material to work on, as well as receive suggestions from the instructor. The class culminates in an informal performance of all five monologues.



“I walked through the doors of The Barrow Group and rediscovered not only joy in Acting, but an essential belief in myself.” — Martin Moran, Obie Winner & Drama Desk Award Nominee

“Lee Brock’s Monologue Class is the perfect way to sharpen your craft anytime.  I found the class and Lee to be particularly suited to online work. Any trepidation I had about Zoom acting vanished as soon as Lee opened the first class with her gracious smile and said “Let’s get started. Who has something to share?”  I wasn’t able to be in a physical classroom with Lee and my fellow actors. And I won’t pretend that I didn’t miss the thrill of actual face-to-face training. But I can truly say that I worked just as hard, learned just as much, and developed a new kind of camaraderie with my classmates that I’ll alway cherish.”  –Tom Green

“I’m writing to tell you how valuable, illuminating, and truly enjoyable I found Lee’s wonderful Monologue class. So much so, in fact, that I am taking it again! Before Lee’s class I found performing monologues to be mildly traumatic – at best. I struggled to find new monologues, and I balked at learning them.  Worst of all, I often left an audition feeling like I hadn’t presented those monologues in a way that felt authentic and true to me.  Lee changed all that. She is a superb teacher: compassionate, kind, enthusiastic, with a profound depth of knowledge and expertise in the craft of acting. Her critiques were concrete, specific, and inspiring; she always found something positive and encouraging to say, and she always found a way to bring out more, to take us all to the next level. I am so grateful that I found this class — and the The Barrow Group!” —Paige A.