Alexander Technique for Actors

The Alexander Technique offers a set of skills and insights about how we think, move, and breathe by connecting us through our senses to our thoughts, feelings and actions.  As actors and performing artists, we can use this method to invite more ease into our preparation instead of stiffness or tension.  We can experience confidence in our posture, our gestures, our voices, and our overall way of being.  Alexander Technique is useful for unloading the habits we unknowingly carry into acting. An attitude of curiosity and experimentation opens us up, making the resiliency of body and mind more accessible — this is the essential core of Alexander’s principles.

Classes Offered:

Alexander Technique for the Actor I
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Alexander Technique for the Actor II
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Alexander Technique for Actors I:
Classwork will address:

  • Developing sensory awareness and freeing attention

  • Warm-ups and practices for mindful movement

  • Skills for tension prevention and release

  • Coordinating movement and breathing with ease

  • Body-mapping and practical breathing anatomy

  • Integration of Alexander Technique with your acting process through simple activities, improvisations and text.

Alexander Technique for Actors II:

Classwork will include:

  • Continued exploration of the principles and practice from Alexander Technique, level I

  • Further development of sensory awareness and observational skills

  • Improvisations to highlight and build playful resiliency and confidence

  • Speaking more freely on the breath

  • Preparatory work toward character transformation
  • How to effectively use feedback when making adjustments in scene work

  • Individual attention and hands-on guidance.