Alexander Technique for Actors

The Alexander Technique offers a set of skills and insights about how we think, move and breathe by connecting us to through our senses to our thoughts, feelings and actions. As actors and performing artists, we can use this method to invite more ease into our preparation instead of stiffness or tension. We can experience confidence in our posture, our gestures and our voices; our overall way of being. Alexander Technique is useful for unloading the habits we unknowingly carry into our acting. An attitude of curiosity and experimentation opens us up, making the resiliency of body and mind more accessible — this the essential core of Alexander’s principles

Classes Offered:
Alexander Technique for the Actor I
Alexander Technique for the Actor II


About Alexander Technique online:
In online classes, you are guided through experiments for learning and for encouraging continued practice. Orienting skills at the beginning of class will help you establish a sense of safety that you can take into auditions or performances to lower anxiety. We will study movement and breathing, sometimes in daily activities as simple as walking or opening a door.  And we’ll practice using the Alexander Technique in theater movement warm-ups, with some text or simple scenes. Follow up emails will give you guidance for self study at your own pace. Regular practice will help you to continue to expand your awareness of choice and the pleasure of playing with creative options. You can participate using whatever space you have available – just enough space to lie down on the floor to relax is fine.