Commercial Audition and Business of Acting Classes

The following Business of Acting and Audition Classes are designed to supplement acting classes and prepare students on how to get work, the ins and outs of the business, and creating/producing your own work.

One Day Commercial Audition Workshop

Pre-requisite: This is an open level class. Please note, it is not a beginner class and we recommend students have previous professional training and experience. This class is designed for professional actors who want to explore and learn more about commercial auditioning.

In this One Day Commercial Audition workshop, students learn how to prepare for an audition, acting tools for your audition, and what you need to do during your callback session. Students will participate in on-camera mock audition, a callback roleplay, and will watch footage of their work.

How the workshop is structured:
Morning Session: discussion of the business of auditioning for commercials, how to prepare before the audition, overview of improv and Barrow Group tools and how to apply to commercial auditions/work.
Afternoon Session: filming of mock auditions using commercial, discussion of the first round, and mock callback sessions.

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