On-Camera Self Tape Workshop

In this class, we will go over the equipment and setup necessary to make a great self-tape both under ideal circumstances, as well as when you have to make the most of what you have around.  Each student will be individually assigned a self-tape, and we will review both the acting work and the technical results.  Students will leave with a greater confidence and ability to deliver their best work to Casting Directors in the current climate of at-home auditioning.

First Class – Will discuss and do a step-by-step demonstration of how to set a great self-tape filming location in your home. The instructor will go over ideal equipment that could be purchased, as well as how to use equipment you probably already have. The class will then do a few self tapes in real time, to look at set up and to introduce The Barrow Group acting Tools. Students will also be given a tutorial on how to submit these files. Students will be given scenes to film on their own as an assignment.

Second Class – The instructor and students will review the submitted tapes, give feedback on the technical set up, as well as introduce students to The Barrow Group acting tools. Students will be given the assignment and asked to film and submit again.

Third Class – The instructor will review final submissions, provide feedback, share information on resources for self tapes outside of the home.

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