Voice Over Workshop I and II

Voice Over Workshop I

This 6-week workshop is designed to introduce students to the voice over market, equipment needed, and applying The Barrow Group tools to this medium.

Week one begins with a primer of the current industry and examples of equipment to needed to record at home. Followed by, addressing technical demands of the medium such as mic technique.

The following 4 weeks will explore commercial, narration, video, and animation scripts while working with The Barrow Group acting tools.

The last week covers audition technique and protocols, sending files, and demo research and production overview.

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Voice Over Workshop II

Prerequisite: Students must have completed Voice Over Workshop I.

The Voice Over Workshop II builds upon skills explored in the first class while offering students a deeper focus on vocal performance. The workshop will emphasize self-analysis and self-adjustment across job categories geared towards encouraging spontaneity with tightly structured material, delivery authenticity, editing, and character development.

Week one begins with self-recording, evaluation, and editing best practices for auditions, jobs, and demo samples. Weeks two and three focus on working within structure, emphasizing syllables and price points, to specific time, conversationally. Weeks four and five focus on character development and week 6 is a review and follow up.

Students in this workshop are encouraged to:
 – source the copy, sides, scripts or books each would like to work on
 – download a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)
 – have earbuds and a smartphone available for use
 – will benefit from having an established home studio, but it is not required for the course.

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