What do we do now?


We hope this finds you well.

Here we are in the midst of a hundred-year event and a complete disruption of life as we knew it.  As artists, as citizens, as people, we all face an obvious and omnipresent truth.  Life is changing—fast.  This presents a daily opportunity to ask an essential question:  What do we do now?

In the wake of John Lewis’ passing we have been struck by his parting words.  He tells his story and invites us to take action to make the world a better place.  This leads us to reflect on the power of stories.  His words have motivated us to take steps to heal some of the personal relationships in our life and to rededicate ourselves to taking action to address societal problems; To approach conflict with an open hand, rather than a closed fist.  His story lives on as a powerful tool to affect positive change.

So we invite you all, in these incredibly challenging times, to follow Mr. Lewis’ example.  Tell your stories and listen to others.  Stories by definition have two sides—the storyteller(s) and the listeners.  We all are both.  Perhaps we can make the best use of the complete reset we are experiencing by taking the opportunity to communicate more deeply.  As fundamental issues like racism, economic disparity, and green evolution come to the forefront, let us harness the power of effective communication so we can come together as a society, take action, and make meaningful change.

Effective communication is the key.  Our stories are conduits for our messages.  May we do all we can to openly tell our stories and openly listen to others.

Lee Brock & Seth Barrish
August 1, 2020