Words from Alison Wright


It’s a shock to think that 36th st is gone, isn’t it? 

So strange to think we won’t ever be there again. When I heard the news it was jarring and bizzare. But it took only a second to realize that our community is so much more than a location. So much more. We’re a tribe. A strong, excellent tribe.

This year has shown us the things we greatly value can disappear and experiences we take for granted can actually be finite.  This year has shown us we must vocally and visibly stand with those we love and support. And since I wholeheartedly love and support Lee Brock and Seth Barrish (real actual facts!)  in an effort to be of service, I’m happy to announce I’ve joined the Board of Trustees. 

You might say I’ve doubled down. Because what we can do is important.

Stories that can generate real empathy and understanding have the power to affect real change in a person. 

The memory of a character or moment in a film can actually influence our decision making out in the real world. 

Stories allow us heal and make sense of our own lives.  They are a powerful tool to spread love and acceptance.

How lucky we all are, to have the chance to be of service in this way. 

May we always aim to tell stories that enlighten, inspire and transform.

With love,