17 minutes

17 MINUTES at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival


Support this critically acclaimed drama that takes an intimate look at how the unexpected consequences of gun violence reverberate through a community over time.

Here are what some folks had to say about the The Barrow Group’s original production of 17 Minutes…

“Just one perfectly-acted scene after another. Totally real, no fakery or BS... So tense and utterly real. Exactly human size. That's what I admired about the whole thing. It was rigorously real...”
–Ira Glass

“It’s the kind of play that's so moving that you wish everyone you know could see it immediately." 
–Mike Birbiglia

"Brilliant! 17 Minutes is a work of empathy and startling compassion…”
–Theater Pizzazz

" gripping, naturalistic, and quietly devastating  "
–Plays to See

"This play is one of those rare instances in which all elements—the writing, the casting, the performances, the direction, and the production design—fit together perfectly."

17 minutes

17 MINUTES is a powerful play that explores the aftermath of a school shooting and the impact it has on a community. It is a timely and important work that has deeply resonated with audiences, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to bring the production to an international audience.

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About this Production


Venue:  The Gilded Balloon Teviot (Wine Bar Theater), Teviot Row House Student Union, 13 Bristo Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9AJ, United Kingdom

Dates / Time: Wednesday, August 2 - Monday, August 28 @ 2:15pm

Meet the Creative Team


  • Scott Organ, playwright

  • Seth Barrish, Director

  • Lee Brock, actor

    Lee Brock, actor

  • Michael Giese

    Michael Giese, Actor

  • DeAnna Lenhart

    DeAnna Lenhart, Actor

  • Larry Mitchel, actor

  • Shannon Patterson, Actor

    Shannon Patterson, Actor

  • Brian Rojas

    Brian Rojas, Actor

Meet the Production Team

Allison Parker, Stage Manager
Edward T. Morris, Set Design