Lee Brock

Lee Brock: On Community

Doug GoldringCommunity

I’m walking down a circular stairwell of the National Museum of Scotland. Every inch of the stone walls surrounding the staircase is plastered with posters — thousands of them, representing 3,000 shows.

I’ve just finished performing in The Barrow Group’s offering, Scott Organ’s 17 Minutes. A woman, who is crying, stops me and says, “This is one of the most powerful things I have seen in my life.” I give her a hug. Then she goes on her way. I step outside of the 200 year-old building into an adjacent garden bustling with activity as complete strangers pass out flyers for their variety acts, concerts, and plays.

That night I attend a show entitled The Umbilical Brothers — two extraordinary performers from Australia, one of whom was at our afternoon performance. The show is wonderful!

This is the world-renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festival, started 75 years ago after World War Two. Its mission: to bring people together to share their humanity. As I witness the swirling activity all around me, the city is alive with wonder, excitement, and joy.

This is community. This is a place to heal and expand.

I can’t help but reflect on the value of artistic communities, and am overcome with gratitude for the Barrow Group community back home. And I feel compelled to say this…

Thank you for all you do to inspire us and all the other artists and patrons that come through TBG’s doors.

Communities really do make a difference.

– Lee