Programs – 6 Week Summer! 1-Year Fall!

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Programs at TBG are a hit!

Whether it be the 6-Week Summer or 1-Year Acting or Directing, programs are among the most popular options at TBG.

After class with the 2023-24 1-Year Professional Acting Program

If you’ve taken class at TBG, then you may have heard that actors, like scenes, “unfold.”  Maybe that’s why programs here seem to have such a profound impact on the artists who participate in them.

Whether it’s over six weeks or a year, whether you’re an actor or a director, a professional or an intermediate or a teen, taking a program here is signing up to continue your own process of “unfolding.”

And you’ll get to do it together with dedicated instructors and an incredible cohort of artists.  It’s never the wrong time to continue your journey, or to find a community that will help you on your way.

The 6-Week Summer Professional Acting Program starts July 8, and Fall 1-Year Programs are coming up quick…

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What are former students saying?

“The summer intensive was one of my favorite experiences of my adult life! It was such a delight to get to be creative and playful each day in a supportive community. I think the Barrow Group approach fosters such an ego-free, respectful environment — not only when you’re performing, but also among the teachers and classmates.

I formed friendships that I value deeply, learned approaches that make me a more confident actor, and felt propelled to keep working toward a holistically creative life.”

– Courtney, 2023 6-Week Program

Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2024!

In-Person 6-Week Summer Professional Acting Program
July 8 – August 15
11am – 2pm

A year of training can make all the difference!

Options starting Fall 2024 include the 1-Year Professional Acting Program, the 1-Year Intermediate Acting Program, the 1-Year Teen Ensemble, and the 1-Year Professional Directing Program

*Use this link to apply for 2024-25 1-Year Programs!*