Lee Brock

ICYMI – Lee Brock’s Column: Enlighten and Inspire

Doug GoldringCommunity, Press

Nearly eight years ago, TBG’s founding co-artistic director Lee Brock wrote a five-part series of guest columns for Backstage.com’s “Backstage Experts” feature.

Her second piece, entitled “Enlighten and Inspire'” was published on December 4, 2015.

The column begins, “As actors we spend a lot of time waiting—waiting to get auditions; waiting for work; waiting for a chance to practice our craft. Sometimes these waiting periods can be longer than the jobs themselves. How can we best spend this time?”

As actors face an uncertain future today, Lee’s next words are what we all need to hear: “I suggest seeking out inspiration. Find the things that stir you—plays, films, concerts, art. And when you find them, study them. Figure out what the artists are doing and then do it yourself.”

Read the full column here to hear about the artists and performances that inspired Lee, and be inspired yourself.