Lee Brock

ICYMI – Lee Brock’s Column: Actors, Silence Your Negative Thoughts!

Doug GoldringCommunity, Press

Nearly eight years ago, TBG’s founding co-artistic director Lee Brock wrote a five-part series of guest columns for Backstage.com’s “Backstage Experts” feature.

Her fourth piece, entitled “Actors, Silence Your Negative Thoughts!” was published on March 7, 2016.

Lee discusses an actor’s mindset, saying “We talk to ourselves all the time, and what we tell ourselves matters.”

It’s natural for creatives to feel their skills butting up against their taste, but in encouraging us to have grace for ourselves, Lee shows us a path towards growth. Maybe we don’t need to stand in our own way, or be our own worst critics.

Feel free to read the full column , so Lee can help turn negative self-talk around.