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The Barrow Group School offers kids, tween and teen children’s acting classes. We believe that children learn the most in an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, play and support.

These classes teach our specific approach to storytelling, and introduce students to the same tools as our adult professional actors, playwrights, and filmmakers.

What makes The Barrow Group School different from many other studios in NYC is that all of our teachers have gone through an intensive teacher training program with TBG co-Artistic Directors Seth Barrish and Lee Brock. So when your child takes a class with us, the teacher has trained for years at The Barrow Group in our specific approach.

“When our son Julian shot his first commercial last year, I was surprised and excited by the honesty and thoughtfulness of his work, and I knew he needed training that would encourage those qualities. The Barrow Group School is the ONLY program I felt would enhance his instincts towards naturalism. It is, hands down, the best training in NYC.”Alice Jankell, parent
The Barrow Group School offers techniques designed to do the following:
  • Encourage spontaneity
  • Foster entertaining, human, and compelling behavior
  • Help you become more sensitive, imaginative, responsive, and alive onstage
  • Relax you
  • Change your work effortlessly and invisibly (so the audience won’t detect any effort on your part and therefore will feel like they are watching a real person rather than an actor “working”)
  • Bring more freedom to your work
In a nutshell, these are TBG’s beliefs about acting:
  • Acting is easy.
  • Acting is most exciting when it is spontaneous and moment-to-moment.
  • Unplanned behavior is usually much more interesting than planned behavior.
  • Relaxation is the key to many of the things we strive for.
  • The best technique is invisible.
  • The best technique leaves us free (free to imagine, free to respond, free to feel, free to whatever).
  • We don’t think there is one “way” to approach acting. It’s about finding whatever works.

Summer Acting Camps and Programs

Spend your summer playing with the Barrow Group tools! These 1 week and 4 week programs introduce students to The Barrow Group approach via script analysis, monologues, scene work, and film/tv on camera acting. Emphasis is also given to theatre production and performance skills, as the intensive culminates with a showing in our studio theatre.

Forms for Summer Acting Camps and Intensives:
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Explorations in Acting Classes

The heart of the Barrow Group youth classes, is our Explorations in Acting class, where students are introduced to our approach. This is the recommended first class for beginners and professionals.

Brooklyn Classes

On Camera Film/TV Classes

Apply the Barrow Group tools to on camera acting! Students will work in front of the camera with monologues, scenes, and sides in each class and watch their playback.

Monologue and Audition Prep

Perfect for tweens and teens looking to sharpen their monologue repertoire and audition skills. A great class to prepare students for high school and college/university auditions.

Musical Theatre Class

Find the story of your song! In this class, students will hone their storytelling skills while singing.

Theatre Production and Performance Class

In this class, students will learn what it takes to put a show together, from writing the script, designing sets and lights, rehearsals to performance! This class is by invite only, students must have taken Explorations in Acting Class.


Explore improv games and techniques to develop spontaneity and play in your acting skills!

Playwriting Class

Learn the most effective way to tell stories! At the culmination of the class, students will present readings of their own original 10 minute plays!

Filmmaking Bootcamp

Students will get a crash course in writing, directing, acting, producing, and editing an original short film! The program culminates with a presentation of the students original short films.

Youth One-Day Intensives

During school breaks, we offer special one day intensives to provide students with a fun learning opportunity to focus on specific elements. Subject areas include: Monologue Coaching and Audition Prep, On Camera Film/TV Acting, Improv, Playwriting, Script Writing, and Audition Technique

  • Kids One Day Intensives (ages 7 – 9)
  • Tweens One Day Intensives (ages 10 – 13)
  • Teen One Day Intensives (ages 14 – 17)