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The Barrow Group School offers kids, tween and teen children’s acting classes. We believe that children learn the most in an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, play and support.

These classes teach our specific approach to storytelling, and introduce students to the same tools as our adult professional actors, playwrights, and filmmakers.

What makes The Barrow Group School different from many other studios in NYC is that all of our teachers have gone through an intensive teacher training program with TBG co-Artistic Directors Seth Barrish and Lee Brock. So when your child takes a class with us, the teacher has trained for years at The Barrow Group in our specific approach.

“When our son Julian shot his first commercial last year, I was surprised and excited by the honesty and thoughtfulness of his work, and I knew he needed training that would encourage those qualities. The Barrow Group School is the ONLY program I felt would enhance his instincts towards naturalism. It is, hands down, the best training in NYC.”Alice Jankell, parent
The Barrow Group School offers techniques designed to do the following:
  • Encourage spontaneity
  • Foster entertaining, human, and compelling behavior
  • Help you become more sensitive, imaginative, responsive, and alive onstage
  • Relax you
  • Change your work effortlessly and invisibly (so the audience won’t detect any effort on your part and therefore will feel like they are watching a real person rather than an actor “working”)
  • Bring more freedom to your work
In a nutshell, these are TBG’s beliefs about acting:
  • Acting is easy.
  • Acting is most exciting when it is spontaneous and moment-to-moment.
  • Unplanned behavior is usually much more interesting than planned behavior.
  • Relaxation is the key to many of the things we strive for.
  • The best technique is invisible.
  • The best technique leaves us free (free to imagine, free to respond, free to feel, free to whatever).
  • We don’t think there is one “way” to approach acting. It’s about finding whatever works.

A Beginner Acting Class You Can Enjoy

At The Barrow Group, we’re excited to present you with a beginner acting class that’s fun and innovative, as well as informative and crucial for those setting out upon the adventure of being a professional actor. We start at the beginning lessons for actors, and as the class progresses, your skill will as well.

Techniques that Speak to You

We go over the basics, such as the different acting techniques, like Meisner, Method, Stanislavsky, Adler, and Uta Hagen. You are encouraged to find the technique which works the best for you, and maybe combine them. Or come up with something completely on your own. It’s imperative that your acting technique comes to you naturally, and you are successful using it. That’s what we’re here to do – help you find your technique and build upon it.

Creating a Character

In the beginner acting class, you will learn to create the character you will play. Taking clues from the script, and using your own imagination you will build a complex role with many nuances that will naturally come through as you perform onstage. Character background is very important, because it helps you create someone who is complete and well-rounded, not a caricature. The audience may never know your role’s favorite color, but you will, and that will affect how you react to things in set dressing and costuming. Knowing where your character was born, how old she or he is, where grew up, friends, enemies, family is all information that can be played in the subtext of the lines, enriching your performance.


An important aspect of acting is the ability to be relaxed through it. In our beginner acting class, we work with you on achieving this state, through breathing exercises and other classwork. You’ll find techniques to control any nerves or butterflies which you may experience prior to and while performing. It will be a confident you when you act after your theater training with us.

Listening and Responding

Acting is all about listening to your castmates, and reacting to what they say. We teach you not to be rigid in your delivery, but to be in the moment and respond as you would in life if you were that character. This is also something that can be utilized in life; listening skills are the height of good manners, and make you someone sought out for revelations and support. The Barrow Group ensures that you develop this crucial ability and learn to apply it to your acting methodology.

Our Pledge to You

We at The Barrow Group understand the necessities to include in a beginner acting class and will instruct you in these in a professional and enjoyable manner. We want you to relish your time with us, and learn enough to see if you’re interested in continuing on, or even making acting your career. We will guide you through this exciting time, and you will leave with an accumulation of knowledge you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere.