Musical Theatre Class for Tweens (ages 10-13)

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In our Tween Musical Theatre class, students apply the Barrow Group approach and tools to musical theatre material. The focus is on script analysis, how to break down lyrics, find the story of their song, as well as listening to and giving constructive feedback to classmates. Students will work on two songs. For the first, the instructor will select one book scene that goes into a duet/trio/quartet (depending on material). For the second, students will select one solo song. The students will also work with a professional music director. The class culminates in an open class for friends and family to watch their work.

In our tween classes, students are asked to observe fellow classmates and give objective feedback based on what changed/what was different is crucial to the learning process and understanding of The Barrow Group approach.

This class teaches our specific approach to storytelling, and introduces students to the same tools that our adult professional actors work with.

What makes The Barrow Group School different from many other studios in NYC is that all of our teachers have gone through an intensive teacher training program with TBG co-Artistic Directors Seth Barrish and Lee Brock. So when your child takes a class with us, the teacher has trained for years at The Barrow Group in our specific approach.

This class is on-going, and can be taken multiple times.