Playwriting Class for Teens (14-17 yrs)

“Arlene Hutton is so supportive of her students, so genuine in her enthusiasm, so encouraging of exploration. I was talking to some of the other students as we left, and there was a consensus of buoyed enthusiasm and excitement from everyone in the room. People left her workshop truly excited to write. I think that she gave a lot of students back their confidence and inspired newfound passion for the craft in others.” –Becca Worthington, playwright

Students will explore the most effective way to tell stories in dramatic form and will emerge from the four-week course with one ten-minute play.

Through the study of the basic elements of drama (action, character, conflict, dialogue) and a variety of examples, students will receive one option of a way in which plays are created, while at the same time focusing in detail on writing their own piece.

This is a “learn by doing” class – students will learn through their own writing and encouraging other students in the process. Because of the workshop nature of the class, attendance is vital.

This class is on-going, and can be taken multiple times.

About the instructor:

Arlene Hutton has taught playwriting workshops for teens at the New York State Summer School of the Arts (NYSSSA), the South Carolina Governor’s School, Charleston School of the Arts and the Sewanee Young Writers’ Conference. In the past three years her college students have received eight regional and national honors, including KC/ACTF Region IV’s David L. Shelton full-length play award, the Kennedy Center National Partners of the American Theatre Playwriting Award and Horizon Theatre’s New South Young Playwrights Festival.

Teen Playwriting Class (ages 14 - 17)Dates TBA