Actors Scene Study – Working with Directors

Prerequisite: To be considered for this class, applicants should either audition or submit a headshot and resume   This is not a beginner class.

Actors must prepare a 1-2 minute contemporary monologue for the first class. Actors are expected to rehearse with their director outside of class.

In this class, actors collaborate with student directors under the guidance of a Barrow Group instructor. For the first two classes,  actors must prepare a 1 to 2 minute contemporary monologue, as actors will audition for the directing students taking Directing Workshop II.  In the remaining classes, actors will be cast by the student directors in scenes to explore The Barrow Group acting tools and the rehearsal process via facilitated rehearsals in class.

“I cannot thank The Barrow Group enough for what it has taught me… What I took into that audition was a direct result of what I’ve learned over the past year or so at The Barrow Group. Everything I needed to know was right there in the text. I chose a simple actionable intention that was written into the script. I didn’t invent anything unnecessary. And I “dared to be as boring as I could possibly be”… and I nailed it. I had everyone in the room including the writer/director laughing out loud. I didn’t go in there planning to be funny but it was incredibly gratifying to get the response that I got. A powerful affirmation.” –Cayleb Long