TBG Book Launch Event: June 23, 7pm

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#1 New Release on Amazon – updated “An Actor’s Companion” coming this May

The Barrow Group is thrilled to announce that this May, Theatre Communication Group will publish TBG co-artistic director Seth Barrish’s book An Actor’s Companion – Tools for the Working Actor.

Check-out this snippet from the forward by Academy Award winner Anne Hathaway:

“…I was so confused!  Wasn’t acting about performing?  About being dynamic?  It felt way too small and just wrong to my dramatically inclined, fifteen year old self to be this hyper-real.  I sat and watched the rest of the scenes that day, stubbornly (foolishly) refusing to accept that merely talking the way real people do still qualified as “acting” (fifteen year olds can be so charming and brilliant in their assuredness).  When I eventually did the scene again, I still didn’t quite understand Seth’s reasoning, but I did trust him, so I tried this acting “real” thing.  I was totally unprepared for the transformation that Seth’s technique created in me…”

We will celebrate this publication with a book launch on Tuesday, June 23.  You can reserve a seat here. More details to follow.

And if you’re interested in purchasing a copy of Seth’s book, you can do so online at Amazon.com, where it is the #1 new release in Theatre Direction and Production.

An actor's companion by Seth Barrish, Amazon post