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The Timekeepers

“…Lee Brock’s luminous production is blessed with sharp, well-modulated performances”
– The New York Times

The Fear Project

“A smart multi-media show, The Fear Project confronts… with doses of cathartic comedy, scathing satire, and piercing drama”

“New Yorkers will find resonance”
– The New York Post

“Hilarious… bright and wacky… simultaneously wild and world-weary, funny and sad.”
– Back Stage


“Provocative premise”  “fast paced, confident and clever”
– The New York Times

“…undeniably moving”

“…a work of genius”

Sonnets for an Old Century

“The production was so well acted – it’s a large cast, powerfully directed by Emory Van Cleve – that we are captivated.”


“Better than good – it’s downright excellent. One of the most engrossing and fascinating theatrical experiences in New York.”
– New York Post

Old Wicked Songs

“Superior acting and beautiful music are woven through [this] fine new play.”
– New York Times


“…a new comedy by Steven Dietz, performed by the reliably polished Barrow Group… What keeps the play percolating are the finely drawn, unforced-seeming performances.”
– New York Times

“…a nifty little production, full of movement and steamy connection.”
– Village Voice

“The actors perform with an inviting relish.”
– New York Newsday

Ghost in the Machine

“…an impeccable production by The Barrow Group with crisp, staccato direction by Seth Barrish and polished ensemble work.”
– New York Times

“Under Seth Barrish’s well-oiled direction, The Barrow Group ensemble squeezes the tension like a watch so tightly wound the gears would go spinning off into the stratosphere if you but breathed on it… the first true original of the fall theatre season.”
– New York Newsday

Lonely Planet

“This production [is] superb in all departments.”
– Daily News

“Dazzles as it swoops from the mundane to the poetic.”
– Village Voice

Low Level Panic

“A remarkable sensitive piece of witty writing, and it has found the right director and cast.”
– New York Times

“With it’s customary expertise at projecting an unaffected vision of real people going about their everyday lives, The Barrow Group is giving eloquent voice to Claire McIntyre’s Low Level Panic.”
– Drama-Logue

Tales From Hollywood

“The T.V. cast had lots of proper English stars from Jeremy Irons and Alec Guiness on down… yet the little known, 15-member cast assembled at La MaMa brought the truth of Hampton’s many points home in a far stronger fashion.”
– Theatre Week

God’s Country

“The Barrow Group brings to Steven Dietz’s God’s Country the kind of imaginative, tight ensemble discipline one has come to expect of this troupe.”
– New York Times

“Crisp, ingenious direction compelling theatre.”
– Stewart Klein, Fox Five Television

“…an ensemble with remarkable consistency, intensity and discipline.”
– New York Newsday

“Sharp, high impact staging by Leonard Foglia. The 11 actors play anywhere from one to five roles each. They are all damned good.”
– New York Post


“The material has been given the best production imaginable by The Barrow Group. Directed by Seth Barrish, the cast of five brings such conviction and precise detail to their portrayals that the play comes to life.”
– New York Times

“Barrish’s superbly loose-jointed quintet of actors reinforce a naturalistic attack that has become the bread and butter of The Barrow Group. [The actors] skillfully simulate a holiday family portrait come to life just before and after everyone says cheese, with all the messiness and unresolved baggage intact.”
– New York Newsday

“This is one of the best shows to hit Off-Off-Broadway this year including flowing unabashed laughter and tears. The performances are nothing less than stunningly sharp. If there’s any justice, this show will be extended well beyond its December 22 close.”
– Downtown

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