Lee Brock

ICYMI – Lee Brock’s Column: “2 Simple Exercises for Authentic Performances”

Doug GoldringCommunity, Press

Nearly eight years ago, TBG’s founding co-artistic director Lee Brock wrote a five-part series of guest columns for Backstage.com’s “Backstage Experts” feature.

Her fifth and final piece, entitled “2 Simple Exercises for Authentic Performances” was published on May 23, 2016.

In the column, Lee details two of The Barrow Group’s essential tools, “The Conversation Exercise” and “Real Life Model.” What these tools have in common is the fact that in each, the actor is drawing from their own real experience of talking and doing things to create a baseline for real behavior.

Lee reminds us that while all of us are greatly helped in our acting journey by teachers and mentors, “we don’t always have immediate access to the folks who advise us, so we have to find reliable guides who will always be there. Fortunately, there is a teacher available to all of us that is perhaps the most valuable guide of all: life!”

Here’s Lee Brock’s full column .

Thanks for coming along on this look back at Lee’s past writing, and we hope you will join us again next week, as Lee will be releasing a brand new column here on Monday, August 28! Stay tuned…