Scene Study IV: Theatre Performance

Pre-requisites: Professional Scene Study III 


This class is for students who are experienced with The Barrow Group tools, to learn how to use these adjustments in a performance setting.  Weeks 1-4, students will help select material for the culminating performance under the guidance of the instructor. Weeks 5-12 are in class rehearsals, as the instructor directs and guides students from in class work to performance ready work. Weeks 13-14 are tech and performances. The class culminates in two performances in The Studio Theatre.

Please note:
*Students will work on at least one short play
*All students are required to attend each class, as this is part of the process of rehearing and working with a director
*Students MUST be available for each date listed on the individual class scheduled for class, tech, and performances
*Culminating performances are free for audiences

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