2021/22 One-Year Professional Actor Program Scene Sharing

Farrah Crane Student Sharings


Join us for an evening of work featuring the 2021/22 1-Year Professional Acting Program:

Meredith Brandt, Ciara Van Buren, German Pena Cardoza, Magdelaine Dickinson, Brien Dougherty, James Freedson-Jackson, Emilie Goodrich, Lanae Joseph, Daniel Kwon, Mabel L’Ecuyer, John Lefkowitz, Amy Mullen, Tilottama Pillai, Elle Shaheen, Jocelyn Weisman, Corine Winkley, and Peter Zezas.
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**Please note, all guests must provide proof of Covid vaccination and agree to wearing a mask at all times. You can learn more about our current Covid policies here.