Teacher Spotlight: Samantha Evans

Doug GoldringCommunity, Training

We’d love to introduce you to one of our incredible TBG teaching artists, Samantha Evans! Check out our interview with her below…

PS. At time of posting, it’s Samantha’s birthday! Wahoo!

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

SE:  I absolutely love meeting new groups of students and helping to foster community through my classes. Acting classes are very much about listening, responding, and connecting, so I love practicing those skills with a new group. I credit TBG with helping me to find my voice as a writer and a performer. It was here that I learned to more fully trust myself as an artist and creator. My hope as a teacher is to create classrooms where other artists can feel similarly.

What is a TBG tool you love to use in your own acting journey?

SE:  I often use the conversation exercise because it’s very practical and a good way to help me relax at an audition or on the job. It’s a good reminder to listen, respond, and keep it simple. I also often check in with my “fun barometer” to make sure to give myself permission to enjoy myself and the work. Another simple tool, but incredibly effective no matter the genre.

What is a project that you’ve been a part of that you are proud of?

SE:  I am looking forward to sharing an independent feature, The Woods, in 2024. I tend to gravitate towards comedic projects and horror/thriller is a genre that I am very excited about!

To take a class with Samantha…check out Teen Advanced Scene Study (ages 14-18) starting 11/4.  More classes with Samantha will be available soon!

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