Teacher Spotlight: Arlene Hutton

Doug GoldringCommunity, Training

We’d love to introduce you to one of our incredible TBG teaching artists, Arlene Hutton! Read our interview with her below…

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

AH: The students! Experiencing the “aha” moments. Watching a playwright find their voice. Connecting my students with theatres. And, most of all, learning from them.

What is a TBG tool you love to use in your own acting and writing journey?

AH: I was an actor before I became a playwright, and when I first started teaching at The Barrow Group I took the acting and script analysis classes, which have informed both my teaching and my own writing. The tools I use include what I call, “thinking like an actor,” and asking the same questions in my script that actors will ask in their preparation and rehearsal: What does the character want, and what’s keeping them from getting it?

What is a project that you’ve been a part of that you are proud of?

AH: Blood of the Lamb, which premiered at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last August, garnering four- and five-star reviews, and just won an award at the Adelaide Fringe. The play received development with TBG’s FAB Women and had a reading at TBG.

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