Thanks for the shout-out Shenaz!



Portrait of Shernaz Treasurywala

From the article “A Teacher Who Inspired Me”:

Shernaz Treasurywala, Actress

It was quite recently that I discovered Seth Barrish in New York City. He is a very different kind of teacher. An awardwinning actor, director, and artistic director, he has spent the last two decades focusing on techniques that maximize spontaneity and bring performances to life.
But I joined his class not for acting but writing. It was a solo show class. This class focuses on storytelling, writing and performing my own show. I have taken writing classes before but none have been as inspiring. I learnt not only more about writing but about comedy and performance.

Everyone in the class was talented and a strong performer and writer. Seth cares. He cares about stories and writing and the integrity of the craft. He teaches not for the money but for the love of creating. Now, I have my own solo show and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Thanks Seth!