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We're thrilled to announce that we're expanding our arts center – we hope you will join us in enriching our growing community through the transformative power of the perfuming arts by donating today.


Since opening our new 13,000-square-foot midtown Manhattan performing arts center in April 2022, The Barrow Group has enriched the lives of 5,998 artists and patrons.

Demand for our programming has been strong and we’ve already outgrown our current space.

  • We have too few studios to meet the demand for our training program and have had to waitlist 1,002 students.
  • Our performance space can accommodate only 40 audience members, and we have regularly had to turn patrons away from readings and performances due to this limited capacity.

We now have a unique opportunity to expand our arts center by 6,000 square feet at a significantly below-market rental rate ($21/square foot as opposed to $50/square foot).

We plan to lease this additional space (25-year term) and build:

  • a larger 60-seat studio theater
  • additional acting, film/tv, and writing studios
  • additional restrooms, including a dedicated ADA bathroom
  • an expanded community gathering lobby space

You can check out the space design in the below slideshow.

The total project cost is $480,000. We look to build out this new space in June and July of 2023 and commence operations in August 2023.

With this expansion, we look forward to serving our growing artistic community and providing a supportive, creative home for the development of artists and new work for years to come.