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Giving to TBG 2019

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Happy holidays to you and your family! I’m writing to ask you to join me in making a gift to The Barrow Group today.

During my years in New York, my time with The Barrow Group was by far my most significant training. After having other unsuccessful experiences, they were a refreshing reminder of the “play” of acting. A simple concept that had gotten forgotten under the grind of the industry.

For 33 years, The Barrow Group has extended this lifeline of “play” to artists and audiences in New York and beyond. In addition to supporting actors, playwrights and directors as they develop their craft, TBG presents plays that are meaningful, intimate, life-affirming, and inspiring. Theatre has the potential to help people become more aware and sensitive to one another. And in today’s climate, the integrity of this organization is what we truly need right now.

To keep a performing arts center running in a time of diminishing public funding demands so much. This year, TBG‘s goal is to raise $25,000 from 350 individual donors. Join me in supporting this artistic home to so many artists of today and tomorrow.

On behalf of everyone at The Barrow Group, I wish you a warm and wonderful new year!


Tony Hale
Emmy Award Winner VEEP,
Arrested Development

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