Tween Performance Ensemble

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Tween Performance Ensemble:

This is a performance driven class in which students work as an ensemble to collaborate with a TBG writer and develop a new play. The class works on improv and ensemble building exercises, writing collaboration, TBG acting tools, rehearsal process, and a professional tech experience.

Where is Mr. Snuffles? is the final performance piece for the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Tween Ensemble. The play was written by instructor Sam Evans in collaboration with the class of students. <p>
It’s early on Monday morning and the students of Room 205 gather together because something has happened to their beloved class gerbil. As the truth is revealed, will the class come together as one or will secrets and hidden motives tear them apart? And where, oh where, is Mr. Snuffles?
Performances are February 8 and 9 at 1pm.Tickets are $12.

Featuring: Olivia Barbas, Samuel Bayer, Caden Castro-Kudler, Zoe Fernandez, Lily Giese, Dean Hafidi, Bela Kirjak, Jamya Montrevil, Alma van Schaik, Ryan Willis and Arden Wolfe

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