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TBG Theatre Rental

For information, please call 212-760-2615 or send a detailed email to rentals@barrowgroup.org.

The TBG Theatre is a  99-seat flexible theatre. It is one of the most sought after venues in Midtown Manhattan. The Barrow Group Theatre Company’s productions in this space include Pentecost by David Edgar (Drama Desk nominee), The Timekeepers by Dan Clancy, Gray Area by John Ahlin, The Fear Project, and Short Stuff 7, among others. It was also housed the New York premiere of The Temperamentals by Jon Marans. The list of guest productions includes those by The New York Musical Theater Festival, The Immigrants Theater Project, The National Asian American Theatre Company, Royal Family Productions, Lesser America, Wide Eyed Productions and Pulse Ensemble Theatre Company to name a few. The theatre can accommodate long runs as well as shorter engagements readings and special events.

TBG Theatre 1

images-11 TBG Theatre in default configuration.


In its proscenium configuration, the deck dimensions are 22′ wide by approximately 27′ deep. Depth depends on placement of first row of seats. Grid height is 14′. The back wall has exits upstage right and left, enabling crossovers, and a 2nd story level escape door upstage right, for double height sets. The layout also enables actors to easily make entrances through the audience door and through the back of the house.

There are 48 dimmers. There is ample power to support portable dimmer racks. The ETC dimmers run off a 3-phase 200amp system. An additional 3-phase 100 amps can be provided. There are 48 circuits in the air. For information on availability, please call 212-760-2615 or send a detailed email to rentals@barrowgroup.org.

Inventory and additional technical information is available by downloading the files below. Inventories are updated as often as possible.

Studio Theatre Rental

Our Studio Theatre is occasionally available for small, intimate performances, readings and rehearsals. When used as performance space it also includes the adjoining room which serves as backstage and dressing area. The Studio Theatre is equipped with a 16 channel 2 scene set up light board, sound mixer and speakers. Flexible tiered seating can accommodate up to 40. The room is approximately 25′ x 25′ with a playing space: approximately 17′ x 17′, and includes a kitchen set up with a practical sink.

The Studio Theatre is used mostly for TBG’s own programming, so availability is mostly limited to Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Sunday availability is dependent on our Sundays at TBG events. Daily rentals for weekend production are $350.00 per date. Rates may be negotiable depending on individual needs.

Other Studio Rental

Occasionally, our studios are available for readings and rehearsals for projects that are not specifically for acting classes. These could include student or self-produced readings, performances or workshops. Note, that the student rate may not be available for these bookings.

For these inquiries, please email rentals@barrowgroup.org

Studio 3B Size: 22′ x 17′   $25.00/hour,  non-profit rate: $23.00

Studio 4A Size: 23′ x 17′  $25.00/hour,  non-profit rate: $23.00

Studio 4B Size: 23′ x approximately 13′. This is an ‘L’ shaped space ideal for table reads.  $23.00

Studio 6A Size: 22′ x 48′   $40.00/hour, non-profit rate: $35.00

Studio 6B  Size: 15′ x 18′ ( 8.5′ ceiling height) $20.00/hour